viernes, 3 de julio de 2015

Camino de Montserrat / On Our Way to Montserrat

100 x 100 cm, acrílico sobre tela. De camino a Montserrat desde Mataró, en marzo del 2015. Esa noche llovió toda la noche, toda.

100 x 100 cm, acrilic painting on canvas. We were on our way to Montserrat mountain parting from Mataró. That night it rained the whole night through... and I mean the whole night.

Well, that was last year, I decided to go hiking from the place I live to the Monsterrat mountain, which is sacred and has a saw-like top. The distance is about 65 km, more or less. You shouldn't do that unless you have trained your body to walk long distances. So I trained with a bunch of people, as crazy as I am, hiking across the mountains every Sunday before the birds rose. On this particular day we started in the evening and walked all night. It wouldn't be too bad if it hadn't been for the rain. We reached Montserrat completely drenched and cold. Not an experience I would like to repeat. 

Exposición Homenaje Ovidi Montllor /Exhibition

Participación en la exposición de homenaje a Ovidi Montllor, inauguración 24 de junio, en el Estudio Tenas, Calle Bonaire, 7, 08360 Canet de Mar.

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